We take our responsibility extremely seriously at GSL Education and consider it our duty to do all we can to ensure the safety and well-being of students and staff.
If you wish to raise a concern around Safeguarding, in the first instance, please contact your Consultant.  They will record your concern and inform the DSO.  They will keep you informed, where appropriate of actions taken.  If you have further concerns or queries you can contact our Designated Safeguarding Officer - Sarah Andrews - directly on 01227 936880 or

KCSIEKeeping Children Safe in Education - 2021

The most significant changes for 2021 relate to the worrying findings of the OFSTED review of sexual abuse in schools and colleges.

You can find training resources and updates on the Safeguarding Network

Returning to schools safely

GSL Education are committed to ensuring the safest possible return to schools and to supporting the ongoing management of Covid 19 procedures.  As such we have in place a comprehensive risk assessment, which is regularly updated in line with Government and HSE guidelines.  Our staff and candidates are fully aware of the importance of staying alert and actions that should be taken under a full range of situations.  We are also able to ring-fence staff to minimise the impact of visiting staff on 'bubbles'.

Please ask us if you have any questions or concerns about staffing.

Coronavirus – Claiming SSP update

Agency Workers

Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) will now be available for eligible individuals diagnosed with COVID-19 or those who are unable to work because they are self-isolating in line with Government advice. This is in addition to the change announced by the Prime Minister that SSP will be payable from day 1 instead of day 4 for affected individuals.

People who are advised to self-isolate for COVID-19 will soon be able to obtain an alternative to the fit note to cover this by contacting NHS 111, rather than visiting a doctor. This can be used by employees where their employers require evidence. Further details will be confirmed shortly.

We will only process payments with evidence of the fit note issued by NHS 111. We will require the form SC2 for the first seven days of self-isolation/sickness.

Agency Workers that have been asked to self-isolate by the school with no evidence from a doctor, may be able to claim for Universal Credit.

Download Covid 19 return to work policy.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest - How can I help?

Following the shocking sudden cardiac arrest suffered by Chris Eriksen during a professional football match, the following FREE elearning training course has been offered buy UK Coaching:

Sudden Cardiac Arrest

Statutory Framework for the EYFS 2021

Have you seen the new Statutory Framework?  Ask your school about what they are doing to implement the changes, and ensure your own practice reflects the changes.

PDF download file Statutory Framework for EYFS 2021

The Safeguarding Network have produced a Guidance document and Checklist to help you to implement any required changes as a result of the new framework.

PDF Dowlnoad file EYFS Safeguarding and welfare guidance update and checklist

Note: Please check this page for regular updates.