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Testimonials - candidates:

"I have been working for GSL namely Gugs for approximately 6 weeks now. Gugs is an extremely professional and approachable lady who is always on hand to help where she can. She took the time to find out exactly where I wanted to work and who with and I knew from the outset that I wasn't just going to be a just another supply teacher". I have to say that the organisation in general are always very professional and are a joy to work alongside. Looking forward to a long and happy career with Gugs as my Consultant. "


"I just wanted to let you know how happy I was with Gagan and the whole experience of GSL Education. She was 10/10, so supportive, kind, caring and just over all fabulous throughout it all. She is a credit to the company and I will definitely recommend GSL and her professionalism in the future."


"I'm very happy with how I have been treated and how I feel things are run. I received a call on a Friday for a meeting on the following Monday and was placed in a school the next day. The school has been a great fit and the regular checks that I'm happy with my school and how my day has been are very reassuring. Having someone who genuinely cares how things are going and who is happy for me to be doing well makes me happy that I am with GSL. I feel that even though I'm new to the scheme I am treated like I have been with you for a long period and do hope to be with the level of support I receive… You have made me feel welcome and supported and your a lovely upbeat person to brighten up the day when we talk." 


"First of all thank you for the warmest welcome at the office and personally coming to greet me. Secondly, the 2 staff that were on hand to advise and answer questions during my registration were so helpful and honest with every question I asked (after all I have been through a lot of dishonesty with Choice Teachers ) so I really appreciated this. Although Pete was new I can assure you he was very professional and I'm sure he will make others feel the same way too. I mentioned how Schools in Bolton would be convenient for me so I can pick up my daughter from school at 3.30 and seeing as my goal is to become a Primary school teacher I have been assured that GSL have some contacts with primary schools so this would also look good on my CV. Once again, thank you for the warmest welcome and I cannot wait to represent your company at schools." 


"Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done over the past year. GSL are amazing and I will recommend you should the occasion arise! Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and new year. Thanks again." 


"I came out of a full-time teaching position, as I felt at the time I wanted a change of direction. I signed up with GSL to initially keep me ticking over financially. However, Sheldon listened to my reasoning for leaving teaching and explored and found me other non-teaching temporary positions so I was able to experience other roles in education. As a result of experiencing different schools and different roles I soon realised that I very much wanted to stay in education, and continue doing what I love – teach! Due to circumstances, I did a long-term supply position for another organisation, however Sheldon kept in touch and frequently kept me updated about positions that were coming up once my contract had finished. He is very proactive in finding work for his (clients/ customers?) and works very hard in ensuring that he matches the strengths of the teacher appropriately with the right kind of school. As a result, the schools I have worked at have been pleased, one of the schools did invite me back a couple of terms after the initial job had finished where I was then offered a permanent contract. I love the school I am working at, and have realised that much of this was down to Sheldon’s persistence in wanting me to experience different schools/ roles. I would highly recommend, without hesitation GSL to any teacher, school, friends and colleagues."


"Charlotte is the number one person that you want to have helping you. She knows everything about anything and is always available to answer any questions. My arrival [from Canada] would have been a disastrous nightmare if not for her helping me out every step of the way!"