Kamal Ahmed - Managing Director

GSL Education (GSL) was founded by Kamal Ahmed in the year 2000. Kamal is of Bangladeshi origin, his family migrated from Bangladesh in 1974. New to the country, Kamal attended a local secondary school in Bethnal Green, and has lived and worked in East London ever since. 

Prior to developing GSL Education, Kamal served in Local Government for Education, for many years, in various capacities.  


Kamal managing director GSLAmongst the most notable: 

  • A senior officer in Local Government for Education

  • Chair of Governors for a large secondary school

  • Founder of the ‘Keen Students School’ in 1990 (which has provided an access route into university education for many hundreds of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.)



It is his passion and dedication to improving the lives of young people, through education, that inspires and drives all of us in the GSL family.