About GSL Education

Welcome to GSL Education.

Our company was established in 2000. Education is a Sector that we are all proud to be working in. We take our responsibility seriously to ensure we proactively market and seek work for our candidates and schools. In turn, we also work to our own high and exacting standards to thoughtfully match our clients’ vacancies with the right candidate.

We believe we have an edge on the other agencies as we pride ourselves in being informed and listening to the needs of our clients. We carefully monitor developments within education and the changing challenges faced by schools and teachers; collaborating with our partners to find innovative solutions and to explore new services that we could offer. We are very customer focused and cultivate our relationships until the school trust our service and judgement and use us a Preferred Supplier for all their staffing. We also pride ourselves in our Rigorous Candidate Vetting Procedures in accordance with our Quality Mark Status, which we have held since our inception in 2002. This further reassures our clients that we 100% support the safe-guarding of their pupils and have thoroughly checked each candidate prior to sending them out to work.

Likewise, we maintain a very close relationship with our candidates – from registration to placement and beyond – keeping an eye on our candidate’s careers, if they become available again, or to refer other candidates/contacts in other schools through us. We try to make links for life not just for profit and nurture each individual so they feel confident in our support for them. In short, we like to think that through our intentions and actions – GSL Education inspires loyalty. 


Managing Director – Kamal Ahmed – created our company out of a motivation to contribute to the provision of education for young people in the local area. The building block for GSL was Kamal’s founding of KSS (Keen Students School) – a charity run School aimed at helping hundreds of struggling GCSE and A-Level Students successfully re-sit their examinations. KSS continues to provide pupils lacking in motivation, support and attention - the tools they need to obtain university degrees and forge successful careers for themselves beyond schooling.

Some of those KSS pupils who had successfully gone onto university became naturally inspired to become Teachers. From here, Kamal made sure he continued to nurture these young former-KSS pupils until they found jobs in schools in the local community using his links with Head Teachers.

One close Head Teacher friend suggested Kamal could make a living out of finding good teachers and placing them in schools...Kamal just laughed and couldn’t believe that something he had been doing for years could count as a legitimate business enterprise.

But here we are today and GSL has built on that foundation to extend our services to many more schools over the UK with a strong reputation for possessing values in a normally cut-throat environment, being a caring organisation and most importantly being great at what we do!




Kamal Ahmed

Kamal and his family of 5 brothers and their parents migrated from Bangladesh in 1974.

He has studied and worked in East London ever since.

Kamal is responsible for the company's strategic development plan and new initiatives and drives the company's ethical values, leading by example.

Prior to developing GSL Education, Kamal served in education for many years in various capacities.  Amongst the most notable: he worked as a senior officer in Local Government Education, has served as a Chair of Governors for a large secondary school and set up the ‘Keen Students School’ in 1990 (a charitable trust) which has provided an access route into university education for many hundreds of young people from working class families.  In very many cases these students progressed to successfully complete teacher training qualifications. Kamal has also co-founded a number of education institutions and is heavily involved in a number of education charities, including ‘The Regent College’ in Dhaka, Bangladesh.




The Regent College aims to provide a world class, rounded education enabling all students to reach their academic and personal potential in a supportive and stimulating environment. The Regent College students are provided with quality education in addition to extra-curricular enrichments that enhance personal development skills, such as leadership and public speaking. When students complete their A-Level studies they are prepared for entry to some of the best universities in the world including those in the UK, Bangladesh, Australia, USA, Canada and New Zealand.




GSL Timeline


  • Leicester branch is opened
  • Canterbury branch added


Kamal opens a GSL branch in Manchester


Kamal collaborates to open The Regent College in Dhaka, Bangladesh opening opportunities for all talented young people to gain access to international top universities


GSL pioneered a PGCE programme for foreign graduates in partnership with the Institute of Education of the University of London.


On advice from a Head Teacher, Kamal opens GSL Education, an ethical teacher and support staff agency in London


Kamal set up a recruitment service for the local community schools and teachers.


Kamal opens The Keen Students School Charitable Trust, helping struggling students from disadvantaged backgrounds achieve GCSE, A Level and Teacher training qualifications. He voluntarily actively seeks employment for his students


  • Kamal Ahmed and his family migrate to the UK to study and work in East London
  • Kamal is a Senior Officer in Local Government Education, committed to…
  • Kamal is Chair of Governors for a large secondary school, driving…