Welcome to our Support Staff position. My name is Saem, I am an actor and the Marketing Officer here at GSL.

As a teaching assistant, you will be working in a Primary school where you are assigned a teacher and a class for the day. Your job as a teaching assistant will be to help your teacher deliver his/her class in a fun and engaging way. In a Secondary school you will be tasked with giving more help or attention to the children who will benefit most from it. This is often very rewarding work.

Cover supervisors are very like cover teachers. This is the more flexible of the two positions. As a cover supervisor you will be placed in a Secondary school and cover lessons for a teacher who is unable to attend their class. Pay is between £70 - £90 (£60 - £80 in Manchester) a day paid every two weeks with working days ending by 16:00 pm.

This is an excellent opportunity for performers because it:

  • Allows you the flexibility of working whenever you are available for school work.
  • Can provide you a regular and well paying income.
  • Is great material for all performers and artists as children and young people are amazing!

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