‘Lighten the load – Focus on what matters’


  • Streamline administration
  • Improve efficiency and accuracy of administration
  • Focus budgets on priority areas
  • Reduce costs and increase revenue
  • Improve feedback and wellbeing

The concept behind Cloud Connect is to support schools and businesses in streamlining their administration structure to improve efficiency and customer service; so that schools can spend their ever-tightening budgets on staff/resources for improving teaching and learning and staff/student welfare; and businesses can focus on the quality and development of their product or service.

This can be achieved by outsourcing key administration tasks to experienced professionals, project managed by financial or industry specialists and educational professionals.
As schools are increasingly evolving towards a business model of delivery, the administrative demands and pressures to provide quality ‘customer service’ are growing to excessive levels.

The administrative tasks are often disseminated between many people within the school with limited experience and skills, and to teachers - adding to their already excessive workload.

This results in lack of accountability, high staffing costs, incomplete tasks, errors and inaccurate/out of date data. All of which negatively impact on productivity, efficiency, wellbeing and ‘customer service’. OFSTED, in their re-drafted Inspection Handbook (2019), highlight the need to reduce workload for teachers, recognising the negative impact that it has on Teaching and Learning.

We believe that we can provide a solution that resolves all these issues.

For more information or for a free consultation please visit: www.cloudconnectservices.co.uk or email andrews@cloudconnectservices.co.uk

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