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GSL are delighted to announce that we are an Approved National Tutoring Programme Partner.

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"Making high-quality tutoring available to schools to help those whose education has been most affected by the  Covid-19 pandemic."

Our Commitment to You - Flexible Options Tailored to Your Needs

Quality tuition support depends on effective communciation and thoughtful planning.

1. We will communicate with you to ensure that we fully understand your needs and those of your students.

2. We will agree the most suitable methods and format for each tutoring package.

3. We will use a staged approach to introduce and integrate our tutors, allowing them to build trusting relationships with students, staff and parents/guardians.

4. We will provide detailed ongoing feedback and assessment to inform reviews of provision.

5. We will provide you with a dedicated point of contact for open communication.

GSL are an ideal Tuition Partner due to our extensive experience of supporting learning, on which our foundations have been built.

What makes us your Ideal Tuition Partner?

The building block for GSL, was the founding of the ‘Keen Students School’ - a charitable trust, aimed at helping hundreds of struggling GCSE and A-Level Students to successfully re-sit their examinations.

"...[it's] satisfying having the luxury of working in depth with students and following their development from year to year." – Ms Jane Lofthouse (Senior English Teacher, KSS - now Deputy Cabinet Minister for Education)

Between 1990 and 2016 KSS provided pupils, lacking in motivation, the tools they needed to obtain university degrees and forge successful careers for themselves beyond schooling.  KSS became nationally recognised as a “great model” (former Education Secretary - Estelle Morris).

GSL continues to provide GCSE tutoring to hundreds of students in disadvantaged communities in East London. Students particularly at risk of failing in English, Maths and Science are supported by outstanding tutoring from GSL, in a number of secondary schools including: Mulberry school, Central Foundation Girls, Swanlea, Bishop Challoner, Skinners Company’s school and Forest Gate Community School.

“…they gave me the support I needed to succeed in both GCSE and A level in a secure, friendly and positive environment." – Shejue Begum (former KSS Student)

Using what we learned from our experience with KSS, we have further extended this initiative: GSL Tuition’, to offer specialist tuition, both on-site and via quality virtual platforms, to all our partner schools. Managed by an experienced educational professional, this service is ideal for schools who wish to provide targeted interventions to struggling students and those who need help to reach their aspirational performance targets.

As a National Tuition Programme Partner we are able to further extend our support with funding provided to schools.