Hi, my name's Ryan.  I am the manager of the London Branch here at GSL...I love working here because of its unique culture, there is a focus on enjoyment and wellbeing, in addition to hard work that stems from our MD Kamal.  There is a great balance, because of this our teams know each other really well and like coming to work to each other everyday. 

I chose GSL because Kamal has an honourable history in education before this company, he’s shown how he much he cares about education and the quality of it delivered to students in schools through his impressive work with disadvantaged students in East London, to his unique care for teachers throughout his career. Unlike many agencies – rather than targets - the quality of teachers we send to educate in schools is what really matters to us. 

We echo this mindset with the teachers that register with us leading them to rate us as outstanding. We're personable and invest our time into our teachers and their unique situations, creating a much more genuine experience for both sides. 

Our statisitcs speak for themselves, Since 2000, we have built strongly entrenched relationships with all major schools in London,  and our high achieving record has lead the government to award us as a Crown Commercial Preferred Supplier, with teachers rating us as an outstanding agency. You will be in very good hands at GSL as a teacher, a consultant looking to work, or a school looking for the highest quality agency. I look forward to working with you!