"GSL Education’s founder, Kamal Ahmed, having worked in the education sector throughout his careeris particularly concerned about education opportunities and academic achievement in and around the communities we work in. He co-founded the Keen Students School in 1990, a registered charity working with hundreds of GCSE and A-Level students within Tower Hamlets in London. "

We realise that while schools do everything they can to provide the support that each student needs; class sizes, individual circumstances, local aspirations and restrictions in resources and staffing can mean that some students don't always get the extra attention or motivation they need to fulfil their potential. Organisations like the Keen Students School are often a cornerstone to addressing these issues.

Keen Students Schoolhas become a much relied-upon study support centre as well as a provider of post-compulsory education. Thanks to Keen Students, thousands of young people who may otherwise have left school with few qualifications through a lack of motivation, encouragement and attention have gone on to complete university degrees and build successful careers.

To learn more about this fantastic initiative, go to http://www.kss.org.uk/