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Schools in the UK offer tremendous opportunities to newly qualified and experienced teachers, and GSL Education has a great deal of experience with placing overseas trained teachers in roles in which they will thrive. England is an incredibly diverse and culturally rich country, making it an ideal place for teachers from Australia, New Zealand, Canada, and the rest of the world to take the leap and have a unique experience.

Before you start looking for your dream role in the UK with GSL Education, there are a few things you will need :

  • A recognised qualification (BEd, Med or similar), verified by NARIC (the National Recognition Information Centre), equivalent to a UK teaching qualification.
  • A valid work visa and/or work permit.
  • A Police check from your country of origin.
  • Fluency in spoken and written English.

While it is exciting to live and work in a foreign country, we also know that it can seem overwhelming at first, which is why GSL Education wants to support and guide you through your adventure. Here’s some of the perks our international recruitment consultants are offering to get you on the right track :

  • Fantastic rates and become a member of our Guaranteed Pay Scheme
  • Exposure to daily, short-term and long-term teaching positions across Early Years, Primary, Secondary and SEN schools throughout the UK
  • Help with accommodation, setting up a bank account and other things like applying for your National Insurance Number
  • Your own dedicated consultant who will help & support you every step of the way including settling into the UK Education system and organising the documents you’ll need to teach here. Our team is made up of Australian, South African and Kiwis who have been through this and can pass on helpful tips and advice!
  • Invites to social gatherings
  • Earn up to £100 in bonuses for referrals that work with us

GSL often runs recruitment campaigns for overseas teachers in various countries. We have travelled to Australia, New Zealand, Canada and India and we are always on the lookout for talented teachers who want to work in the UK. Get in touch with one of our offices today and take the leap!

Guide for re-locating to the UK