I'm writing to say how much I have enjoyed working with Oluseun Thomas. His skills, personality and professionalism are second to none. Oluseun consistently goes above and beyond in his role as consultant. I have always felt that Oluseun has my best interest at heart and will listen to any issues that I have and resolve them asap. With a joke or a dig along the way. During my time working with Oluseun I have found him to be a wizard when it came to finding me work at a moments notice, or booking me out weeks in advance. I have never had any issue with payment with Oluseun and I know that he would always push to get the highest rate for me whilst maintaining his own margin. The points of contact at each school that Oluseun has placed me in have all repeatedly talked about missing his joking banter and I think this is a really special thing that makes Oluseun really stand out to both school and staff.

- Anna Al-Samarrai, Primary Teacher

First of all thank you for the warmest welcome at the office and personally coming to greet me. Secondly, the 2 staff that were on hand to advise and answer questions during my registration were so helpful and honest with every question I asked (after all I have been through a lot of dishonesty with Choice Teachers ) so I really appreciated this. Although Pete was new I can assure you he was very professional and I'm sure he will make others feel the same way too. I mentioned how Schools in Bolton would be convenient for me so I can pick up my daughter from school at 3.30 and seeing as my goal is to become a Primary school teacher I have been assured that GSL have some contacts with primary schools so this would also look good on my CV. Once again, thank you for the warmest welcome and I cannot wait to represent your company at schools.

- Malika Javed, Cover Supervisor

Just wanted to say a big thank you for everything you have done over the past year. GSL are amazing and I will recommend you should the occasion arise! Wishing you all a fabulous Christmas and new year. Thanks again.

- Elizabeth Hoyle, Secondary English Teacher

I came out of a full-time teaching position, as I felt at the time I wanted a change of direction. I signed up with GSL to initially keep me ticking over financially. However, Sheldon listened to my reasoning for leaving teaching and explored and found me other non-teaching temporary positions so I was able to experience other roles in education. As a result of experiencing different schools and different roles I soon realised that I very much wanted to stay in education, and continue doing what I love – teach! Due to circumstances, I did a long-term supply position for another organisation, however Sheldon kept in touch and frequently kept me updated about positions that were coming up once my contract had finished. He is very proactive in finding work for his (clients/ customers?) and works very hard in ensuring that he matches the strengths of the teacher appropriately with the right kind of school. As a result, the schools I have worked at have been pleased, one of the schools did invite me back a couple of terms after the initial job had finished where I was then offered a permanent contract. I love the school I am working at, and have realised that much of this was down to Sheldon’s persistence in wanting me to experience different schools/ roles. I would highly recommend, without hesitation GSL to any teacher, school, friends and colleagues.

- Lisa Croft, HOD Business

"I would highly recommend GSL Education as a recruitment agency. Over the past 7 months they have placed me in two schools; one I'm currently at as a long-term supply teacher and my September 2017 start, permanent teaching position.

Both jobs I am thoroughly happy to have had and have the opportunity to teach at such wonderful schools. GSL managed to find positions that suited my personal requirements for a teaching role - neither have been a case of ticking a box but instead, GSL listened to exactly what I was looking for and promptly found schools that lined up with what I wanted and set up interviews for me.

Having come over to the UK from NZ, I was completely new to the whole process except for some NZ-based teaching experience. GSL were immensely helpful with this part of the process, swiftly ensuring I sent away appropriate documentation to ensure that I had met UK teaching prerequisites. At no stage was this process daunting as I had my own personal consultant assigned to me (Oluseun Thomas), who was on the other end of the phone, email or Whatsapp message to answer any questions I had (there were many!).

This support continues to this day - any queries I did not want to broach with my school were taken care of by my consultant. For example, my pay negotiations. This can be a very uncomfortable situation in any new job, let alone one which you may not know the going rates for in a new country. GSL managed to get me a salary that I was more than happy with, in a school I love.

Ultimately, I wouldn't recommend any other London-based agency even though I had been signed up with a few others. They are second to none and their team are the main reason for that; they are 200% there for you, whatever you need help with. I cannot rate them highly enough."

- Nicole, Primary Teacher

"GSL have not only assisted me with finding my next job venture, they have done so with a great deal of care and support. Mr Oluseun Thomas quickly found me a variety of opportunities for my move back to the U.K and has been a friendly and professional voice throughout the process, finding me a permanent role starting in July. I have no doubt that I will remain in contact with the company and I am forever grateful for all of their help."

- Curtis, Year 4 Teacher

"Charlotte is the number one person that you want to have helping you. She knows everything about anything and is always available to answer any questions. My arrival [from Canada] would have been a disastrous nightmare if not for her helping me out every step of the way!"

- Brandon, Geography Teacher

I have known Sheldon at GSL Education for almost 10 years now and during this time I have found him to be honest, ethical and extremely reliable. As a school we have ever changing needs and I have found that whenever called upon GSL Education have gone above and beyond to meet any staffing challenges we may have, I have taken long term subject specific teachers, short term teachers and cover supervisors and also support staff from GSL, most recently a Data Officer. I am happy to wholeheartedly recommend Sheldon and his team at GSL Education and look forward to continuing our great relationship over the coming years.

- -Linda Healy, HR and SIMS Data Manager, Loreto High School

Thank you Sheldon! The Science teacher you placed has been a success; I didn’t expect anything less, you always get it right! So reassuring and painless to have an agency who actually understand our school.

- Alex Mcloughlin, Cover Administrator, Abraham Moss Community School

We use GSL Education to supply quality short and long term temporary teaching staff, to fit in with our business requirements. Working with the team at GSL they know exactly the type of teacher we're looking for and who will be a best fit for us. They often pre-empt our needs are are able to supply suitable candidates right at the start of our search for temporary replacement staff. This agency are a pleasure to work with and I have every faith in their abilities to meet our requirements satisfactorily.

- Dot White, Trust HR Manager, Wardle Academy